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Claudio has been servicing Los Angeles County for over 20 years, attending to the needs of his clients with finesse and comfort. Both parents being realtors, Claudio knew what he wanted to do from an early age. Seeing real estate as a career that afforded him independence and opportunity, he wasted no time jumping into the family business at the age of 20 while he was still attending college. Under the guidance of his parents, he fought to show his clients that, despite his youth, he was eager and capable of rising to the challenge. Claudio hasn’t lost any enthusiasm, or pride for his business, gaining throughout the years the experience to match the same energy he had when he first started; an energy of professionalism, care, and concern for your real estate needs.

Interested in selling your home?

Claudio Madariaga has as much experience, and puts as much attention to detail into selling your old home as he does into finding your new one. Claudio works with a dedicated staff of experienced agents who focus on getting you what you want. We offer a walkthrough of what it takes to get your home ready for the market, and provide an honest and thorough evaluation of what your home is worth, making sure we price your home to sell. We promise maximum exposure of your listing, using the latest technologies and the real knowledge of what it takes to make your home a competitive, sought after property. Everything is taken care of.

Interested in Buying as an investment?

Claudio has himself been a property investor for years, and knows how to best serve your interests. Whether you’re buying to flip and sell, or to renovate and rent, he knows what it takes to find and close on the perfect opportunity for your investment needs. From leads and the hottest tips on promising ventures, to the inside track on REO’s in the Los Angeles area, Claudio and his team are ahead of the curve on investment opportunities just around the corner.